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I began my involvement in the Mercedes-Benz Club over 25 years ago when I bought my first Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda and I have since held the office of Regional Officer in my native North East, Anglia-North (Norfolk and North Cambs) and more recently taking over as Regional Officer for Herts, Beds and Bucks in 2020. I currently drive a Pagoda 280SL from 1969 and every day I use a high mileage C Class estate, which just keeps on rolling! But I also want to emphasise that every Mercedes-Benz car regardless of whether it is worth £50 or £5,000,000 is extremely welcome at our events. I live in Ware in Hertfordshire with my partner Jay and have one son, who is also a Mercedes-Benz enthusiast and owns an SLK55 AMG. I am an avid car enthusiast and have owned a succession of classic cars including a 1934 Vauxhall, Morris Minor, VW Beetle, Rover P4, Mercedes 250S and even an old Bentley, which I bought as a student!
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