Company Secretary, Valuer - Midlands 200/300 (W114/115) & E-Class (W210)

I was first attracted to Mercedes-Benz cars during a family trip to Germany in the mid 1960s and decided that I would one day I'd be the proud owner of a Three-Pointed Star. It took 18 years, I joined the Club in 1983, I think, having purchased my first Mercedes-Benz daily driver - a 1972 250CE, a car I still own and use. In those days the club had much fewer members and not much in the way of local events, but by the early 1990s Moira and me were busily running the North West Section ( as it was known then ) following on from illustrious predecessors who got the ball rolling. Due to a move to the Midlands, we handed the section over to more local members, under whose leadership it went from strength to strength. In 1995 we purchased a 1979 450SLC, another member of the family that is still with us, I'm happy to do most of the jobs that are required to keep both of them on the road, but would draw the line long before an engine rebuild. We stick to the brand with our current daily drivers and still clock up a surprising number of miles in spite of being retired since 2013. I've been the Model Register Captain for the W114/5 series for more years than I can remember, as well as the W210's and serve as a Valuer and Concours judge. In 2012 I was elected to join the Board of Directors as Company Secretary, one of those roles that are closer to the engine room than the sundeck> It incorporates such niceties as legal matters, insurance, Data Protection compliance and contracts.
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