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June Club News
All the Club goings on
by John Wallis | Jun 15, 2018
Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz Club’s new website. What you can see on this ‘News’ page and on the other ‘public’ pages of the site is only a taster for what the Club has to offer. To enjoy its full technical, social and financial benefits, the Members’ only pages of this site including the on-line forum and Technical Library, and to take part in Club events you need to join – either via this website or by calling 0345 6032660. Here’s a brief summary of the Club’s recent and forthcoming activities and its main benefits.
Diary Dates
Diary Dates and Club Pub Meetings 2018
by John Wallis | Jun 15, 2018
All the current events and pub meetings
Cars For Sale
Cars for sale from the Gazette
by John Wallis | Jun 15, 2018
A selection of cars for sale from the Gazette many more are available for Club Members.
The Mercedes-Benz Club GDPR
GDPR Policy
by Club Directors | May 23, 2018
The Mercedes-Benz Club Ltd, referred to as the “Club” understands and accepts its obligations under General Data Protection Regulations, referred to as the “GDPR”. These Policies and Procedures are provided to ensure that the Club’s Directors and Officials understand these obligations and abide by the principles of Data Protection set out below:-
The Mercedes-Benz Club Privacy Notice
Privacy Notice
by Club Directors | May 23, 2018
Here at The Mercedes-Benz Club we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your membership, including the posting of member magazines, and to provide the products and services you have requested from us.
Out of date rules
Removal and destruction of Out of Date information
by Club Directors | May 23, 2018
The GDPR covers information stored by any means, most commonly paper and in electronic format. The Regulations require that out of date information must no longer be stored and must be destroyed at a predetermined period determined by the Data Controller.
Individual Rights statement
Individual Rights
by Club Directors | May 23, 2018
As a member or former member of the Mercedes-Benz Club you have the right to a copy of the information held about you by the Club.
Data Access Request Form
Request Form
by Club Directors | May 23, 2018
As a member or former member of The Mercedes-Benz Club you have the right to access the information held by the Club about you, the Club does not hold records other than those of members or former members.
Club Officials’ Confidentiality Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
by Club Directors | May 23, 2018
I confirm that as a Club Official all Club data I have received is for my use only in matters connected with the Club and my appointment within the Club, should I retire from my position I undertake to destroy all information given to me
Club Officials’ Data Storage Guidance
Data Storage Guidance
by Club Directors | May 23, 2018
You have been provided with confidential members’ data to assist you in your role within the Club and only for the time that you remain an official. Should you leave office you must destroy the data and confirm to the Data Controller that you have done so.
Mercedes-Benz Public Archive
Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Classic.
by Mercedes-Benz Classic | May 11, 2018
The archives of Mercedes-Benz Classic are a unique treasure-trove covering almost 130 years of automobile history. With Classic M@RS (Multimedia Archive and Research System), all interested parties are able to share in the knowledge and memories of the brand and its products.
The Mercedes-Benz online Classic Parts Search
Classic Parts Search
by John Wallis | Aug 22, 2017
The Mercedes Benz Classic Parts Search
The Mercedes-Benz Club Archive
Welcome to a wonderful collection - Images - Documents - Technical information
by John Wallis | Aug 9, 2017
The Mercedes-Benz Club Archive is probably the most comprehensive source of Mercedes-Benz information available in the UK. The Archive contains a wealth of information dating from the end of the 19th century to the present day.