Valuer - London & South East

Thud. At the relatively naïve but knowing age of 25, a seventeen-year-old silver 230CE W123 was on my driveway, with the reassuring sound of the door closing as a reminder for one of the many reasons why I really wanted a Mercedes-Benz car. From this striking yet modest four-pot model, the journey has continued to various shapes, sizes and cylinders – perhaps a V8 one day if ‘er indoors agrees. Meanwhile, I am a content owner of a tasty W209 CLK cabriolet with a modest but efficient (ULEZ- friendly) powerplant. Since becoming a member in 2002, I have enjoyed many outings and club events whilst meeting just as many friendly, like-minded people from locally at the Olympic Park regional meeting in Stratford to the marques 125th Anniversary at the Tempelhof Berlin. On top of all that, the opportunity to be an Official as a Club Valuer for London & South East since 2017 just continues the drive and enthusiasm since having that first W123, with equal privilege and pleasure.
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