Good Garage Guide

Good Garage Guide

The Club is often asked to recommend garages, engineers or other specialists. The Good Garage Guide is the place where you can report your experiences and recommendations.

Good Garage Guide for your Mercedes-Benz

Recommended garages, engineers or other specialists

Please advise us of any new recommendations, as well as letting us know if any currently recommended supplier has fallen below the standards that gained them their original entry in the guide.

A member’s recommendation will result in a garage being entered into the guide. A complaint gets the supplier removed until they are recommended again. All recommendations/complaints should be sent to the Editorial Office.

Please Note: As a club, we do not have the resources to be able to evaluate the reviews given by our members. The Good Garage Guide represents their recommendations and is not a reflection of any relationship the Club may have, or not have with the various suppliers. The Club cannot be held responsible for any damage sustained to Members’

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