SL350-SL65AMG (R231)

I am pleased to be your Model Register Captain for the SL R231 model. I am passionate about Mercedes-Benz cars, having owned a number of different models over the years and first joined the Mercedes-Benz Club in 1996. Following a period away from the Club I re-joined in 2016 when I purchased a R230 2007 SL350. I am an active member of the Anglia South Region and have attended a number of events and Pub Meets. I purchased my R231 2014 SL400 AMG Sport in December 2019 and have been very impressed with it. It has far exceeded my high expectations and driving it, particularly with the roof down, is exhilarating and a lot of fun. I look forward to hearing from Club Members interested in this SL model and will be organising events where R231 owners can meet up.
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