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I have been a club member for just over a year now. I live in rural County Armagh and work for an American wastewater consultancy as a project manager. My passion for Mercedes Benz was ignited while I was at university by a Champagne Gold W123 Coupe which was parked outside my student house at university in sunny Falmouth. If it was the vintage aesthetic of that coupe which sparked my interest, it was the phenomenal build quality and engineering of my first Mercedes, a 190E, which really cemented my passion for these cars.   I seem to find it much easier to buy cars than to sell them, as a result I currently have seven Mercedes at my house; three W124s (two 230E and a 230TE), a W115 200, a W123 240TD, a W111 220 (of which half belongs to Tomo), a 190E (which really belongs to my partner Krissy – she is a better mechanic than I am!) plus one Abarth 595 (which will be looking for a new home soon as I always seem to miss the Mercedes comfort while I’m driving it!). Despite all the blood, sweat and (often rust stained) tears, I enjoy nothing more than working on these cars, keeping these beautiful old machines ticking. As for other hobbies, I like to explore the British and Irish countryside, history, and wildlife - I try to combine this with the cars as much as possible!  I am very much looking forward to getting the ball rolling with regular events in Northern Ireland, and to meeting our members in this region and the rest of the UK and Ireland.
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