Tomo Pattison

RO - Northern Ireland

Hey, my name is Tomo, and I’m the new co-regional officer for Northern Ireland alongside my best friend Conor. I’ve loved Mercedes cars ever since I was a kid - my dad having had an (at the time) clapped out 190E in silver with the world’s most unserviced automatic gearbox providing whiplash with every change.  Whilst he later (oddly) swapped it for an oh-so-70s Datsun Laurel in gold with a brown vinyl roof, my love for the three pointed star lived on. Fast forward 20-odd years later, I had a drive in Conor’s 190E, which brought the memories and love flooding back, and before I knew it I had bought a gorgeous Almandine Red W124 that Conor now still owns. Since then I’ve had a W202 estate, my current W211, another W124 on the way and my dad has just picked up an R129 SL, along with the W111 fintail I co own with Conor for our YouTube channel, “427 Motorsports”.  Having founded the All-Ireland Mk2 Golf and Jetta Owner’s Club with over 2,500 members I’m no stranger to the ways of being in a club and I’m very much looking forward to starting this new chapter with The Mercedes Benz Club. A graphic designer in the magazine industry by trade, I've spent my days since I was a kid tinkering and working on cars, and if you can’t find me in work you’ll likely find me in the garage trying to restore something that was long destined for the scrapyard. The dream Mercedes for me has always been a 190E Cosworth Evolution 2, or an SLS AMG.
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