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Lancashire born and bred! Worked for myself since I was 24 and built my business up to employing over 500 people and in 2014 I sold my business and retired. During my time with the Club, I have been R129 model register captain and am currently Lancashire regional officer. My wife and I are extremely active in the Club and each year we attend multiple regional, national, social and foreign events. I have won the Club’s national Concours Master Class twice with a C180 and an R107 300SL and also exhibited with four different cars on the Meguiars Showcase stand at the NEC. Although I have a small collection of cars my favourite is my 1962 220SEb convertible in which we have toured extensively throughout Europe going as far as Italy. My other passion is flying obtaining my PPLH in 1996 and logged over 800 hours in my Jet Ranger prior to failing my Medical with a Heart problem thus being grounded, c’est la vie.
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