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I will confess to coming late to Mercedes-Benz ownership! My first purchase was an SLK R171 in 2006 which I used as my daily driver and it also served extremely well for us to follow our wine book around France on two occasions. When semi-retirement beckoned, I decided a larger version of the SLK would do very nicely and an SL350 R230 was the replacement. The purchase of the SL finally confirmed me as a Mercedes man and the inevitability of joining the Club followed a month later. The format of the Club, the social interaction, discussing the foibles and merits of particular models, having the Gazette drop reassuringly through the letterbox - all confirmed it to be an excellent decision and in 2017 I became an RO for Cambridgeshire. Although our CB postcode database is relatively small, in addition, we enjoy the company of a couple of dozen 'regulars' from surrounding regions.
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