SL280 to 600 (R129)

I became MRC for the R129 Series SL in Autumn 2019, so have had little opportunity (for obvious reasons) to engage with members at events since taking up the role. I am keen to organise successful events for the model, and to assist with members queries and any technical questions you might have. I have owned several R129s myself and countless other Mercedes-Benz models from the period, so am well versed with the problems associated with specific models of vehicle. My interest focuses on the cars from the Bruno Sacco era, of which the R129 is one of the most notable. I consider them to be the high-water mark, not only in Mercedes-Benz history but also of the automotive industry as a whole. They were built using manufacturing techniques honed over 100 years of vehicle production, using the highest quality of materials and quality control as well as benefitting from less stringent regulation and legislation surrounding emissions and so on. As such, building a comparable vehicle again is something that we will never see; regardless of manufacturers desires.
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