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My husband Gerry and I heard about the Mercedes-Benz Club from a friend and we wanted to join, so we set out to buy a Mercedes back in 1995, it took some time to get the club details with constant reminders to our friend, but finally we got the details and joined in 1997. We always attended a pub meet every month and participated in many events, after two years we were asked to take over one of the the pub meets for the Anglia South which we were glad to and are still organising it to this day, so we have both been Pub Meet Organisers since 1999 and now have 3 Mercedes cars one of them is a classic car, but we do use all of them for any events. In 2016 I became a Regional Officer which was great, I could now organise events for this region. So watch out for the Anglia South events on the Newsletter, Club Forum and Gazette.
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